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Festivals &

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& Non-Profits

The Process



Through a series of face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails this is an opportunity to exchange basic information regarding an overview of your event, concept, location, attendees and target audience.



During this phase details are established regarding budget, logistics, permitting and licensing, safety regulations, design, vendors and entertainment.



At this point, all of the pieces are in place and fine-tuned. Depending on the size and scope of your event, the initial set-up will begin weeks prior to the event start date.


Post Event

Follow-up meetings are scheduled to summarize the event, review budgets and celebrate your success!

Services Offered

As a full-service event planner, we are capable of managing every phase of your event. From conceptualization to design, develop and implementation all of production and operations through the management of volunteers, supervision of contractors and coordination of applicable groups, businesses and regulatory agencies.


  • Establish site operations and master timelines and checklists
  • Coordinate city government permitting
  • Obtain regulatory agency licensing requirements
  • Create site plan, layout and scale diagrams
  • Determine parking, transportation and traffic flow
  • Define crowd flow and control management
  • Form emergency procedures and preparations
  • Manage radio communications and implementation
  • Develop event security and safety guidelines
  • Form police department, fire rescue service and EMS relations


  • Develop revenue generation
  • Budget development, analysis and monitoring of revenues and expenditures
  • Negotiate vendor contracts

Production & Management

  • Coordinate photography, videography and drone coverage
  • Assist with sponsorship management
  • Implement special activities and community organization participation
  • Manage artist selection
  • Selection and booking of musical acts and entertainment
  • Coordination and management of volunteer services
  • Creation of marketing materials and signage
  • Selection and contract negotiations for food and beverage hospitality
  • Design and develop floral arrangements and dĂ©cor
  • Installation of mobile stages, flooring and set design
  • Selection and contract negotiations of vendors; rentals, electricians, audio technicians, sanitation services, portable restroom services, parking attendants, fencing, security and patrol services
  • Coordinate and negotiate hotel bookings, travel accommodations and transportation